Software version 21.92

UK ROC Data Collection Software - Version 21.92 - September 2022

The UK ROC data collection software consists of a macro-enabled excel workbook that is compatible with recent versions of Microsoft Excel running on Microsoft Windows.

Two different versions of the software are available for download from this page... the first version should work for most sites however a "self-signed" version is also available for download if excel has been configured to only run macros that have been digitally signed (which is sometimes the case for recently installed/upgraded versions of Excel)

After downloading and saving the software on your computer please verify that you can open the spreadsheet and enable the macros.

Once you have checked that the macros are working and that the dialog boxes are being displayed please contact with the following information to request a configuration file that will enable you to start using the new version of the software:

  • Name of site/service

  • For existing UK ROC registered services:

    • UK ROC site code (if known)

    • whether or not you would like to take the opportunity to archive some older assessments.

  • For new/unregistered services:

    • contact details

    • which assessment types you are planning to use (eg: RCS, UK FIM+FAM, NPDS/NPCNA, NPTDA, GAS)

    • whether you are planning to submit data to UK ROC on a regular basis

The software user guide is still in the process of being updated to match this new version of the software... in the meantime the user guide for version 17.01 of the software can still be used. The main differences in version 21.92 of the software compared to 17.01 are:

  • Additional commissioner organisation codes have been added to match the Clinical Commissioning Group/Integrated Care Board Sub-location codes that are currently in use during 2022/23.

  • Support has been added for a pilot version of a new Prolonged Disorders of Conciousness (PDOC) registry.

Please note: after clicking these links you will need to use the download button which can be found at the top right corner of the window to actually download the files. The files themselves are compressed (zipped) folders and you will need to copy the excel file out of the zip folder before opening it.

If you experience problems downloading the software from this page then please contact us and we will try sending you a copy of the software via email.