Information for Commissioners

Commissioning your Specialist Neuro-Rehabilitation Service

What are Specialist Neuro-Rehabilitation Services?

Specialist Rehabilitation Services are defined by the NHSE service specification D02, ie  D02 Service Specification for Specialist rehabilitation patients with highly complex needs . Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) will be delegated the commissioning of specialist rehabilitation services from 1/4/2025, while NHSE retains oversight of the national standard and national D02 service provision requirements.


NHS Payment Scheme

Between 2013 and 2024


From April 2025 onwards:

Specialist Rehabilitation Commissioning presentation (2023)


Mandated Commissioning Currency - WBD

NHSE has implemented a multi-level mandated weighted bed day (WBD) commissioning currency for specialist rehabilitation services along with guide prices:


For further information on the above, please read this brief Commissioning pdf

How to calculate the WBD currency

UK ROC has developed a basic Tariff Calculator using Excel that allows for the easy conversion of Occupied Bed Days (OBD's) into the mandated currency of Weighted Bed Days (WBD's).

Please feel free to use the Tariff Calculator (2024/25) or contact UK ROC ( for help (eg to ask for the complexity profile of the Service, etc).

UK ROC ICB Service reports

UK ROC has compiled introductory regional reports for ICBs outlining their Specialist Neuro Rehabilitation Services. We hope that these documents will be useful as ICBs plan for the provision of these services both regionally and nationally. These reports contain only a small subset of the information within UK ROC. Please do contact UK ROC ( for further information if required.