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UK ROC Software - version 13.05

Please download version 13.05 of the UK ROC software using one of the links below (all three copies of the software are the same,     they have just been pre-configured with different options).

When asked whether you wish to open or save the file please select "save".

  • UK ROC   (standard version for use by specialist rehabilitation sites participating in the UK ROC dataset)
  • UK ROC   (version pre-configured to convert "episode groups" into "ward names" during import of data from version 13.01 of the software)
  • FIMFAM UK ROC   (version pre-configured for use by non-UK ROC sites just wishing to collect FIM+FAM)

In the event that you have any problems downloading the software, please contact and we will send you a copy of the software via email.

Please direct anyone wishing to obtain a copy of the UK ROC software to the UK ROC team...  please do not share the location of this download page.

This download page may be withdrawn at any time without notice.