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UK ROC Software - Version 17.01g (January 2019)

Please download version 17.01g of the UK ROC software using the link below.

When asked whether you wish to open or save the file please select "save".

Before using the software:
  • lease ensure that you copy the software out of the downloaded file (which is a compressed "zip" folder) and in to a suitable location on your computer
  • we recommend storing the software in a secure location that is backed up by your IT department on a regular basis.
  • the software will need to be configured for use by your site by importing a configuration file that can be obtained from the UK ROC team.
In the event that you have any problems downloading the software, please contact and we will try sending you a copy of the software via email.

Please direct anyone wishing to obtain a copy of the UK ROC software to the UK ROC team...  please do not share the location of this download page.

This download page may be withdrawn at any time without notice.