UK ROC - UK Rehabilitation Outcomes Collaborative

The UK specialist Rehabilitation Outcomes Collaborative (UKROC) was setup in September 2008 through a Department of Health NIHR Programme Grant to develop a national database for collating case episodes for inpatient rehabilitation.  In the first 5 years it will focus on neurorehabilitation ultimately including data from all specialist neurorehabilitiation services (levels 1 & 2) across the UK.
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     Lynne Turner-Stokes
     Programme Lead
     020 8869 2800
     Heather Williams
     Senior Research Fellow
     020 8869 5171
     Keith Sephton
     Database Manager & Analyst
     020 8869 2427
     Alan Bill
     UK ROC Accountant
     020 8869 2427

    Regional Rehabilitation Unit
    Northwick Park Hospital
    Watford Road
    HA1 3UJ